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Aktuelle Stellenangebote bei PI miCos GmbH
Images: PI miCos GmbH Eschbach (Freiburg)
New Beamline Instrumentation Division
The PI Group develops, produces and provides integration of positioning systems, including commissioning of complete endstations for experiments on beamlines. Go to PI Beamline..
Research into ever smaller particles and structures uses large-scale equipment such as synchrotron beam sources or free-electron lasers. An essential part of such facilities are complex positioning systems that assure high-precision and long-term stability for aligning samples and analytical systems.
PI has now combined its competences for experiments on accelerator beamlines in its Beamline Instrumentation Division. The division’s aim is to develop application-oriented solutions that go far beyond simply providing individual components. For this purpose, experts from the PI Beamline Instrumentation Division work closely together with universities and research centers. Here the experts from PI work on development projects and provide engineering services and system integration to complete instrumentation, including integration of third-party components such as cameras, detectors or additional positioning units.
Image: PI / Beamline P05 (HZG) / PETRA III (DESY)
Adequate instrumentation for large-scale research facilities: Experiments require high-precision alignment of sample, detector and optical elements. The Beamline Instrumentation Division from Physik Instrumente (PI) ensures seamless instrumentation, from individual components to complete solutions (Image: PI / Beamline P05 (HZG) / PETRA III (DESY))
HV and UHV Positioning Systems
HV and UHV Positioning Systems
Time on Mars with MT-40 Space
Time on Mars with MT-40 Space
Qualification data and guidlines for space use of ground equipments
CHEMCAM is one of the 2 french contri-butions to Mars Science laboratory (MSL) instruments suite. CHEMCAM instrument functionality rely on an autofocus capability to precisely focus on the chosen target (1-9m from rover). The autofocus function is performed by a mechanism that translates the secondary mirror, with high repeatability, over the 15mm stroke and in the full applicable range of temperatures. A ground COTS translation stage ((fig.1) MICOS MT-40) has been chosen and modified to met mission requirements. This mechanism uses unusual components compared to what is chosen for high reliability space equipments in particular a screw/nut combination insuring the transmission function. It is designed to perform about 10.000 autofocus sequences during its lifetime.
How Does MT-40 Space Work? Read more..
MT-40 Space - FM Refocusing Mechanism inside CHEMCAM Optical Box (OBOX)

fig.1 / MT-40 Space / autofocus system
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